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An outstretched hand holds a photographic positive film of a picture of a Welsh corgi dog wearing a ballcap. The photographic film is held in front of and backlit by a brightly lit blue sky.


Working at Amazon

A remarkable little guy

Amazon’s first canine staffer and the lasting paw print he left.


Amazon Fulfillment

Family at work

A manager finds extended family through Amazon co-workers after her daughter’s cancer diagnosis.

Two female Amazon employees wearing reflective vests share a warm hug standing on the production floor of an Amazon warehouse

A brown female dog stares intently into the lens in front of a blurred out brick wall.



A package deal

How Jeremy Balkan and his service dog Leila work to keep packages rolling along on time.


Working at Amazon


How do you go from fulfillment associate to IT technician without paying for college?

Two smiling Amazon employees stand with their laptops balanced on a safety railing on the production floor of an Amazon fulfillment center, with shelves of product in the background. One Amazon employee points to the other's laptop screen, teaching his colleague something.

A woman wearing sunglasses and a chemo patient's skullcap in front of a hedgerow looking at the camera.


Books and Authors

The final chapter

Running out of time, a writer races to leave a legacy.




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